Services to help achieve your steel structure goals…

before and after!

We distribute for several steel building manufactures, not one manufacture, like others. This gives us greater ability and capacity to serve our customers’ needs and yours. Contact us to discuss options! Yes, you CAN with Canfield Carports and Steel Buildings!

We can walk through all the steps with you: selecting and prepping the site with a third party, selecting materials to be used, finding the most effective vendor for your needs, selecting available options, such as enclosure, doors, windows, and anchoring. Permits are the customer’s responsibility, but we will assist in any way we can. Because with Canfield Carports and Steel Buildings, yes, we CAN!

Beutiful garage? Yes, we CAN!
Beautiful garage? Yes, we CAN!


Helping you find the best option to fit your needs, we can explore all available options with you.


Making sure your site will suit your needs. Weather in person or virtually, we’ll help you select the perfect spot for your steel building.


We’ll explore all options with you and explain all recommendations. With over 20 years experience, we help you find the steel building you need.

After Construction Service

Our service does not stop after you order or your structure is completed. We’re with you years down the road, when your structure might require maintenance.