Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canfield Carports and Steel Buildings service area?

We are actively expanding our services areas to serve the widest possible areas and serve the widest range of customers. Some structures can be delivered longer ranges and from several origins. Contact us to see if we currently serve your area for the structure you are seeking.

What colors are available?

Roofs, sides, and ends are available in 13 different colors:

What is the ordering process?

10% of the structure’s cost (excluding sales tax, if applicable) is due to order. The remaining 90% (and sales tax, if applicable) is due upon completion.

How long will it take?

Construction schedules vary throughout the year and for different areas. 4-8 weeks from paying the deposit can be expected during busy parts of the year, such as early summer and early fall. Contact us to inquire about current expected construction delivery times.

Site preparation?

Your steel structure should be on a leveled site. This can be flat ground, gravel, concrete, or asphalt. If you want a structure on an unleveled site, it will only be sold as-is and with no warranty.

Building permits?

Building permit requirements vary across the country. Permits are the customer’s responsibility. Please check with your local building department.

Wind, load, and snow certified?

Yes, we CAN build and anchor your steel structure to meet or exceed your area’s building codes and laws.